About WinPoET

PPPoE needs third-party firmware or client software for allowing end-users an easy access to Ethernet based broadband connections. Just like RAS PPPoE, WinPoET is also a PPPoE client management software that helps in doing so. Over a period of time, WinPoET has become the industry standard for PPPoE broadband connection management software for the Windows environment. It provides a cost-effective, mature and reliable approach to the PPPoE broadband plan programs of today.

Following are some key benefits of WinPoET:

Compatibility with multiple vendors – Having deployed over 9 million licenses, WinPoET becomes the ideal choice of vendors all over the world for testing the VPN and Access Concentrator applications for compatibility purposes.

Compatibility with multiple networks – WinPoET supports broadband connectivity via all major PPPoE access variants such as BPL (Broadband over Power Line), cable, xDSL, wireless broadband PPPoE connections and satellite connections.

Huge feature set – WinPoET has a wide array of impressive features like dynamic services, Auto Detect MTU, intuitive error messaging, simultaneous multiple PPPoE sessions, throughput monitor, idle timeout, dynamic adapter detection, dial-on and always-on-demand, packet logging and more.

Fully customizable – WinPoET comes in all languages. You can easily localize it based on any particular language character set for meeting specific market requirements. WinPoET GUI (Graphical User Interface) which appears on the subscribers’ desktops provides the flexibility of being custom branded for any vendor who wishes to promote his/her brand logos, brand identity, appearance and feel.

Only PPPoE driver to be certified by Microsoft server 2003 – Owing to very stringent compatibility tests associated with Windows 2003, which are administered by Microsoft WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs), WinPoET PPPoE client program is by far the most stable of all PPPoE solutions available in the marketplace.

Minimum support costs – WinPoET has been designed in a manner to minimize the support costs associated with running such services and for providing carrier grade reliability. It provides vendors with the best possible returns on their investments, far better than other PPPoE client software.

What all do you need installed on your system for the WinPoET installation?

In order to install WinPoET on your system, you must have a dial-up adapter in working condition and a bound TCP/IP stack. Apart from these, you should also have Microsoft VPN (Virtual Private Network)
- Right click on the network neighborhood
- Select ‘Properties’
- Find out ‘Dial-up Adapter #2 (VPN Support)’ and ‘Dial-up Adapter’
- In case you don’t have any of these, verify that there’s an iVasion adapter installed on your system

A quick how-to on installation of WinPoET 2.0 or higher on your system
- Locate the WinPoET installer on your system and launch the application
- Click on ‘Next’
- Click on ‘Accept’ in the software license window
- Click on ‘Accept’ in the Internet service license window
- Click on ‘Next’ in the information window
- Click on ‘Next’ in the choose destination window
- Click on ‘Yes’ when asked ‘I want to restart’
- Click on ‘Finish’ for rebooting the system
- Double click the WinPoET icon present on your desktop
- At this point, enter the username provided by your Internet service provider to you. Please note, this user ID may also include your service provider’s domain name. For instance all Verizon customers have an ID like userid@verizon.net.
- Enter the password provided by your Internet Service Provider
- Click ‘Save Password’
- Click ‘Connect’
- Start browsing the internet!